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Luca Mar is an Electronic Rock group based in Seattle, Washington. The band is at the forefront of a new wave in independent music. With influences of Brian Eno's ambiance and impressionism -- combined with powerfully driven guitar riffs and soulful vocals -- the band is trailblazing a new sonic path. With the belief that the ideals behind the music are most important, the band writes about topics ranging from doubt, anger, spiritual turmoil, and vengeance to hope, light, and the pursuit of something greater than oneself. 

The band was formed by lead singer Christian Jorgensen and lead guitarist Brock Jorgensen in early 2016; the two remain the sole composers, writers, and producers of all Luca Mar material. The first appearance the band made was on a remix album entitled "i AM THE WORLD" for Nomadic Firs' single "LVSK". The album was released by Nomadic Firs in October, 2016 -- featuring the Luca Mar remix. The group's first single "The Fire, 1968" was released in November of 2016. The track received radio airtime in Orange County, California on KX 93.5 shortly after.  The next few months followed the release of three more singles and a series of shows in the Pacific Northwest. "Sisters" - the groups third single received airtime on college radio at the University of Washington that next spring.

In early May, 2017 the monotonous lifestyle which had become Christian Jorgensen and Brock Jorgensen's everyday reached a breaking point. Without any hesitation, the two combined to drop out of school and quit their restaurant jobs. They packed their bags and set out on a journey to record the band's first album. The trip started with a cross-country venture to North Carolina and ended full circle back in Washington.  The two found a house to rent, a few hours outside of Seattle, where they would record and produce their debut album. Twelve hour days for five months produced EXIT -- a title that seemed to fit the band's recent experiences.  The first single off of EXIT  was released on September 8th, 2017 and was titled: "Drunk in Public". The track was soon after placed on multiple Spotify playlists including Spotify's very own "Fresh Finds: Six Strings" playlist -- for up and coming guitar based music.  "Drunk in Public" was also featured on blogs including an article from Indie Underground headlined: "LUCA MAR's new single 'Drunk in Public' has us thirsty for more!".  A month later, the second single "Esperanza" was released. The song received more blog features as well as playlist appearances.  On Friday, November 3rd, the full-length album EXIT hit all platforms.  The band is currently playing live shows up and down the Pacific Northwest.