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Debut Album EXIT Out Now!

After the release of singles: "Drunk in Public" and "Esperanza", the debut album EXIT is officially available for stream and download on all platforms.






Luca Mar is a Shoegaze/Dreampop band from Seattle, WA. The group is at the forefront of a new wave in music.  Brian Eno's influence of ambiance and impressionism combined with powerfully-driven guitar riffs and soulful vocals help the band to trailblaze a fresh sonic path. With the belief that the ideals behind the music are most important, Luca Mar expresses emotions ranging from spiritual turmoil, doubt, anger, and vengeance, to hope, light, and the pursuit of something greater. Founded by lead singer Christian Jorgensen and lead guitarist Brock Jorgensen in early 2016, the two remain the sole producers and composers of all Luca Mar material. In early May 2017, the two decided to leave school, quit their jobs, and rent a house a few hours outside Seattle to write, record, and produce the group's debut album EXIT, which was released independently on Nov. 3, 2017.